Disabled Friends Teach us These 5 Life Hacks

Disabled friends are truly amazing life teachers.  Many able-bodied people have at least one friend that is struggling with a visible or invisible disability.  Able-bodied people can learn a lot from friends with disabilities about life and gratitude.

#1.  Happiness Is Possible When Disabled

Able-bodied people are constantly whining about how life sucks.  They say they would rather be put to death if they had a “broken” body. Honestly, this is so narrow-minded as the human brain is adaptable to any circumstance.

#2.  Authenticity and Self Acceptance

Able-bodied people are vain and they mostly are ego driven.  The need to fit in with what society deems as “beautiful”.  Disabled people cannot fit into the criteria that society sets, instead, they embrace their disability and individuality. We can learn a lot about this practice of self-acceptance.

#3   Life Is Short, Enjoy It.

Most of our disabled friends won’t live as long as our non-disabled friends. This is why disabled friends appreciate the small things life has to offer. They live every day as if it’s a gift. They know the secret to life – live it, enjoy each moment as if it’s you’re last.  A sunset or the starry evening sky is something to be admired.  We miss these beautiful moments as able-bodied people. We live for tomorrow and miss out on the present moment.

#4.  Needing Help Isn’t A Bad Thing

Having to rely on others at certain times, isn’t a sign that you are weak, it’s a sign that you are human. After all, it takes many different people to build a village. We are all going to need someone, that’s how we are created. Disabled friends teach us to buckle our pride and reach out when we need help.

#5.  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Disabled friends know that sweating the small stuff isn’t healthy. Sure, there are many negative events in life that throw us off balance but stressing about it only takes away the peace you deserve today. Disabled people have more than most on their plate and realize life can be worse.