Disabled People and Natural Disasters

Disabled people and Natural Disasters

Disabled people and natural disasters. It is up for discussion since there have been so many earthquakes, floods and hurricanes over the past decade. People with disabilitws are not reached in time and they do not receive warnings from the public when these disasters occur. They are vulnerable during these disasters. Here are a few tips that may help:

Create a plan

Have a strategy. Figure out exit routes, emergency contact details and evacuation.

Keep Important Documents handy

Have important documents ready and in a plastic bag or container to prevent damage.

  • ID documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Proof of address
  • Medical prescriptions

Network of people to help you

Have a network of friends, family or neighbors that can warn you about any natural disasters. At least this way you will have time to escape. A network of people that can assist you with evacuating is vital.

Fuel Up

Always make sure your car petrol tank is full. You won’t have time to fuel up in an emergency.

Keep an emergency bag in your car

A bag with important medicine and water is a good idea to keep in a kit bag in your car. Pack things that you or your family would need if you do not have time to pack during an emergency.