Employees with Disabilities in the Workplace – Inclusive Training

  Employees with Disabilities in the Workplace – Inclusive Training

Employees with disabilities in the workplace, includes workers with visual impairments and physical impairments. At Action, we believe that by including a workforce of people with disabilities into companies adds the following:

  • Competitive edge
  • Broader perspective
  • Encourage creativity
  • Boost morale

Hiring people with disabilities isn’t enough; we need to include training for diverse abilities and talents. This reduces barriers that we see in the workplace.

Action 4 the Blind and Disabled Children is a non-profit organization that supports the employment of people with disabilities through advanced computer skills. All we require is managers that are open-minded about reasonable accommodations in the workplace. Each employee is different and communication is key. Employees with disabilities want to succeed and Action assists employers to empower.

 Here are a few tips we use for inclusive training:

  • Assist employees with disabilities to identify career paths and development opportunities.
  • Adapt training content to make it accessible.
  • Ensure that all technologies used in training meets accessibility standards
  • Implement training that prepares employees for the culture of your organization
  • Use job coaches to teach social skills

 Managers should listen to employees to increase the likelihood of success and build a positive relationship. The employer should check in with the employee during and after the training process.

When there are open lines of communication, training will be a success. It makes a huge difference when employees with disabilities are made to feel like part of a team, instead of separate from it.