Employment for Disabled People in South Africa

Employment for Disabled People in South Africa

Employment for disabled people in South Africa is low. With the right support we can make it higher. Many more could join in the cause.

If you are disabled, you would be worried about jobs available for you or you have tried with no success. There is guidance, support and training available. There are government schemes do help, but awareness is key. This ensures that discrimination is reduced and that employment is increased.

You Have a Right To Equality

No matter what your disability is, you have a right to fairness, respect and equality. As a disabled employee you are protected legally and need to know your rights. You are entitled to fair recruitment, salary and promotions.

 Employees have to make their workplaces accessible and put reasonable accommodations in place.

 Recruitment Assistance

Working has many health benefits and employers and doctors need to join forces to open doors for people with disabilities.

Diversifying the workplace has proven to have excellent results. Businesses who open their doors to people with disabilities are on the increase as they realize the competitive advantages.

 Such benefits are:

  • Financial incentives
  • Tax breaks
  • Improve productivity and morale

Even though there are many who exclude candidates with disabilities, there are organizations who offer training and assist with recruiting. By changing hiring practices we are able to help businesses recruit and retain a workforce that includes people with disabilities.