Employment for The Blind Available

Employment for the blind available. There are many training opportunities and various types of employment available throughout South Africa. However, people who are visually impaired or have low vision are a small group compared to other disability groups. Sadly, there is little to no support in most rural communities. There is employment for the blind  if we can stand together and see this small group of people’s determined spirit.

At Action we offer the appropriate training and skills for people who are visually impaired and who we believe are just as capable of work as anyone else. We have considered those who live in rural areas and have accommodation available for duration of training. Employees who are blind or visually impaired require the same introduction to employment and training as sighted colleagues. Some employees learn best from verbal instruction or a combination of hands on, verbal and written instruction. We train our students in all.

Employers are more aware today than they were years ago concerning the capabilities of blind employees in the workplace. However, many still assume that accommodations are expensive and that an employee with a physical disability is cheaper.

 This assumption is heartbreaking. There are enough accessibility tools that do not break the bank. The initial investment of accommodations for visually impaired employees will last throughout and they will benefit in the long run as these employees are the most loyal of employees.

 Action is available to advise employers about workplace technologies for employees who are blind.  Employees can partner with organizations such as Action to better understand an employee’s needs and become an ambassador for the cause, which is good branding. People prefer doing business with companies who empower people as it is positive character reference.

 Businesses are recognizing the importance of having a diverse workforce, but blind people are overlooked and pushed aside. A comprehensive diversity program and learnerships enable employees who are blind or have other disabilities add value in the workplace.

 For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or elsie@action4.org.za and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or stephen@action4.org.za