Empowering Blind Students Through “Doing”

Empowering blind students with a positive attitude, training and skills is our manifesto.  It is imperative that we train students to problem solve and not only provide content that only teachers can relate to.

The learner is our most important focus.  Too many training centers are preoccupied with what they teach and not in what the learner is capable or not capable of grasping.

The needs of learners and how they learn is important to us and we create opportunities for our students to be committed to learning through doing. We understand that there is an increase in demand for mending the gap between theory and practice.  This is where a learnership program is so very beneficial.

We encourage independent learning, collaborative learning and problem solving within our training course. We strive to develop better learning in individuals by providing opportunities for learning how to deal with problems within the workspace while training.  The traditional way of education is not beneficial for learners who are seeking employment. Empowering blind students by engaging them into a learnership program is key.

Through unstructured real-life problems and on the job training, students have the opportunity to learn how to learn.  They can problem solve independently without waiting to be spoon fed.  Teachers are mere coaches instead of disseminators of education.  

We develop problem solving skills and empowerment to help students cope with real-world problems in the workspace.

Our goal is to shift perspective from not only providing for the blind but investing in their training too. We see a space for upgrading and investment in training environment. There is a great need for passion and purpose among this much overlooked group of students.

For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or elsie@action4.org.za and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or stephen@action4.org.za