Exercises For Physically Disabled People

Exercises for physically disabled people not only strengthens the body but improves confidence too.  Here is a list of a few popular exercises for physically disabled people.

#1.  Sit to Stand

A great way to strengthen lower body if you have control over the lower body.

  • Sit at the edge of a seat with feet flat on the floor behind your knees.
  • Lean upper body forward slightly and try to push yourself up using your legs in standing position.
  • Slowly lower your body back down into seated position again.

If you can’t do this without using arms, place your hands on your knees to help push your body up.  If your legs are weak you can use a grab rail or table.

sit to stand

#2.  Seated Shoulder Press

This exercise strengthens the shoulders, helping you to have the strength to lift things over your head. Suitable for those who have a strong grip and control over the upper body.

  • Using light weights, one in each hand – sit in an upright position.
  • Hold weights on either side of the head, palms facing down – meeting in the middle.
  • Slowly lower them back into the starting position and repeat.

Try lightest weights at first, or none at all.  You could also use a resistance band by sitting on it and holding ends in your hands. See below:

resistance band exercises
 seated shoulder press

#3.  Seated Tricep Dips

This helps to strengthen triceps, chest, and front of shoulders.  This is useful for those who are transitioning from a wheelchair. and have good upper body strength.

  • Sit with hands-on armrests of wheelchair or chair.
  • Make sure they are aligned beneath your shoulders
  • Push your body up until arms are fully extended
  • Lower yourself down again.
  • Repeat if comfortable

If you don’t have strength in arms, you can use legs to assist you but try to let arms do as much as possible.

seated tricep dips