A Few Facts You Didn’t Know About Blindness

A few facts you didn’t know about blindness. there are many things to know about blindness. here are a few facts you didn’t know about blindness that will open your eyes.

#1. There are different types of blindness

Some people can be legally blind but still see shapes, colours and a little light. Only 10 percent of people who are blind don’t see anything at all.

#2. Hellen Keller wasn’t the only blind teacher

Keller had a companion teacher, her name was Anne Sullivan. She wasn’t known to be visually impaired but lost her vision at the age of eight due to an eye infection. She later regained some of her vision after many operations.

#3.  Blindness can be avoided

Around 80 percent of vision loss worldwide can be avoided or cured if caught early enough. This is why regular eye tests are so vital. The leading cause of blindness in adukts is cataracts. This is treatable through surgery. The WHO are working to reduce the causes of blindness in developing countries.

#4. People who are blind do dream

In fact, their dreams are very vivid. The only difference is that their dreams are dominated by smell, taste and sound. It is said that people who are blind suffer more from nightmares than most.

#5. Guide dogs are color blind

Guide dogs can’t tell if a traffic light is red or green. A person who is blind uses sound to judge when it is safe to cross and lets their dog know they can move on. If there is danger, the dog will refuse to obey the command.

#6. They suffer from sleep-wake disorder

Around 70 percent of people who are blind experience this disorder. It causes insomnia at night and sleepiness during the day.