A few Things You May Not Know About Blind Co-workers

A few things you may not know about blind co-workers. To better understand your co-workers that have vision loss, we have listed a few things you may not know about blind coworkers. This will help you to interact without upsetting anyone.

#1. They may be able to see some things

Visual impairment doesn’t always describe total blindness. Truth is, people who are  completely blind are around 15 Percent. The remaining 84 percent have partial vision loss, such as:

  • Color perception
  • Light perception
  • Movement perception
  • Form perception

They may be able to see in blurs or at various degrees of distortion, with literal blind spots in some areas. As you can see, there are many ways of having low vision. It is not a binary between sight and darkness.

#2. They are not ashamed of their disability

 Many blind people see their visual impairment as a physical challenge. They do not see it as something to be ashamed of or allow it to steal their joy. Their disability doesn’t define who they are in the world. They are  capable, functioning and just as wonderful as sighted people. Never feel sorry for people with a visual impairment and rather treat them as you would anyone else.

#3. They do not always need supervision

People who have a visual impairment are very aware of their surroundings and have skills to move around. They require inputs just like we all do when it comes to anything new. People with visual impairments aren’t dependent on others for their livelihood. You should approach all visually impaired people as capable humans. If they require your assistance, they will ask.

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