Finding Vision When Disabled

Finding vision when disabled may sound impossible. We are not talking about physical vision, we are talking about purpose and motivation despite being a disabled person.

“Just because a man lacks the use of his eye doesn’t mean he lacks vision” – Stevie Wonder

 Disability is seen as failure as you are more dependent and unable to do certain things. Society feels sorry for people with disabilities as we would be miserable if we were disabled.

Our thinking is flawed as people with disabilities will tell you that they have quality of life. Being disabled makes little difference to quality of life when we find purpose and acceptance. People with spinal injury say they arent affected by their disability at all.

Despite what society says, you are worthy and you do have purpose even if you do not have a job. Spread love and joy by helping other people that are disabled. If you cannot work, find a way to better someone else’s life and answer a question online. Create a facebook page and talk about topics that matter.

 Develop the drive and ability to push and persevere even when you do not feel like it. Purpose is the belief that what you do in life matters a whole lot. When you find a purpose, you will become grateful for your disability as it brought you to the place you are today.

Discover the joy in the small and unimportant things, such as the warm sun on your skin or the first summer rain. Gratitude heals the grief experienced when becoming disabled.

Finding vision when disabled is a life changing act and we at Action assist many to find theirs.

“whether someone is useful only matters if you value people by their use.” – Corrine Duyvis

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