Fussy Eating Can Make You Blind

Fussy Eating Can Make You Blind

Fussy eating can make you blind. According to a case report, a young patients blindness came from an unhealthy diet of fast foods.

The University of Bristol found that nutritional optic neuropathy in patients with sudden vision loss symptoms was due to poor diet no matter their body weight.

What is optic neuropathy?

It is a dysfunction of the optic nerve responsible for vision. The condition is reversible if it is caught early enough. If its is left untreated, this will cause structural damage to the optic nerve – resulting in blindness.

In developed countries, the most prevalent cause of optic neuropathy is bowel movements or medication that prevents the absorption of good nutrients and vitamins. In these countries food supply is good, but not so much in developing countries such as Africa. Where there is poverty and droughts, there will be a lack of nutrition and higher rates of optic neuropathy

In a case study done on a teenage patient, it was found that there was a link to poor diet and vision loss. The teenage boy complained of tiredness at his doctors visits, but it was only later discovered that his vision loss had become permanent.  

The patient was a fussy eater with a healthy weight and didn’t appear to be malnutrition. He was not on any medication but tests showed he had macrocytic anemia and low B12 vitamin levels. He had high levels of zinc and very little vitamin D.

What did the case study consume?

  • Chips
  • White bread
  • Processed pork

 This junk food diet and limited vitamin intake caused the onset of nutritional optic neuropathy.

 Source : science daily