Glasses For The Visually Impaired – Order Online

Glasses for the visually impaired are available to order online.  Here we take a look at a few of the best:

#1.  Max Glasses

Max glasses are binocular telescopic glasses that can be used for watching television, theatre, bird watching and any long distance viewing. Max glasses focus on objects that are 10 ft away.

Cost: R1405

Where to order: SmartBuyGlasses

#2.  AngelEye Smart Glasses

These slim, portable, reliable and powerful glasses are designed to assist people with visual impairments as well as the blind. It can only work when connected to a smartphone or control box through USB cable.  These glasses simulate the human eye so that people with visual impairments will still have to make their own decisions about appropriate action according to the environment.

Cost: request a quote

Where to order: Edit Microsystems

#3.  e-Sight Glasses

A wearable device that enhances vision in low vision people.  Using a high-speed camera, video processing software and high-quality video OLED screens it projects in real-time images. Zoom in and out, adjust color and brightness. This innovative device enhances whatever you look at.

Cost: Request Quote

Where to order: e-Sight website

#4.  EnChroma glasses

These glasses are for color blindness and are part optics, part neuroscience.  Unlock a new world of color with these stylish and easy to wear glasses. Developed with decades of color blindness research and engineered to fix the problem.

Cost: request quote and get 20% off

Where to order: EnChroma website