Having a disability as a Parent

Having a disability as a Parent

Having a disability as a parent doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent. All it means is that parenting comes with a set of challenges.

The biggest challenge having a disability as a parent is what other people have to say. There are obviously also limitations and restrictions when you have a physical disability such as:

  • Holding your child without assistance
  • Feeding and bathing your baby
  • Running after a toddler

 There are also many financial and social challenges. These are due to the way family and children adapt to your disability. Raising a child and having a disability means that your children would be aware and be more sensitive and caring than most others. They are more grateful for their abilities and thus more empathetic to your disability.

 Children of disabled parents tend to more confident as they are aware of their self worth and their part in a family unit.

As a parent with a disability, you find ways to be practical and creative in your child rearing and overcome the obstacles with pride. Your verbal cues are your strong points when communicating and disciplining your children. As your children grow they become easier to raise and very understanding. Talk honestly and openly with your children about your limitations and what you require from them. It is more than ok to ask for help when parenting as a person with a disability until you can cope on your own.