Having a Special Needs Child

Having a special needs child brings many parental joys, but let us not forget it has its challenges too.

Here are a few things that having a special needs child brings and how to cope:

  • Insomnia – Parents of special needs kids often have interrupted sleep when their child cannot sleep.

Tip: Get someone to watch your child while you have a nap or full nights rest, even if its just a few times a week.

  •  Fatigue and Low energy – The daily routine of caring for a special needs child can be draining and anxiety can burn a parent out both physically and emotionally.

Tip: Join a gym or find some me time activities to clear your head for a bit.

  • Low self-esteem – Parents of children with special needs usually feel useless as parents. They get frustrated because they cannot handle their child’s behavior or meet their unique needs. Parents feel responsible for their child’s disability and feel guilty when they feel low about their child’s disability.

Tip: Join a special needs parents group and try to get as much support as you can.

  • Poor concentration and decision making – Constant stress and overload may begin to cause memory issues and poor concentration.  Information overload may cause a parent to become confused and make bad choices.

Tip: As said before, get as much support from a support group or family member.

  • Feelings of hopelessness – having a special needs child is a continuous searching for solutions.  You may keep hitting brick walls in every direction and this is enough to bring on feelings of hopelessness.

Tip: There is always a solution, you just need to keep looking.  There is a myriad of resources on the internet that can help. Never give up! Even parents with non-disabled kids go through hurdles and feel helpless.