Having Autism is Awesome – 5 Reasons Why

Having autism is awesome. That’s right, this isn’t a curse. This is acceptance and authenticity in its purest form. People on the spectrum have a very different yet beautiful view of the world.

#1.  Collecting things makes their world happier – Through focusing in on that one thing, the world makes sense. It is soothing in a different way, anything is possible.

“I can bring that one thing home and add it to the others, and then the world is right. I show great passion for my collectibles, whether they’re video games, colored glass, shells or books.  It helps me cope after a busy day.  knowing the little shell found on the beach one year ago is on a certain shelf with all my others provides security and a sense of worth.”=Emma 

#2. They have exceptional memories – remembering the information they read long ago.

“They are also less likely to misremember something, which comes handy in a science lab.  Dawson can instantly recall the methods used to study face-perception in autism.”= Mottron

#3.  A better view of the world – People on this spectrum see things differently than others.  This can be socially challenging. However, the differences in views of autistic people can change how others see the world in a positive way.  The leaders in their fields having autism are:

  • President Thomas Jefferson
  • Story writer Hans Christian Andersen
  • Artist Michaelangelo
  • Scientist Nikola Tesla
  • World Renowned scientist Albert Einstein

#4.  Individuality – having autism can be a gift that makes a person on the spectrum unique from the rest of the world.  There are privileges such as specisl education.  Repetition and focus on one activity can make them brilliant musicians and mathematicians.

#5.  Non-judgemental – They dont care about who is richer, smarter or fatter. These things are of no importance to people on the spectrum.  They look far deeper than the surface.