Helping Disabled Children – 7 Ways You Can Help

Helping disabled children become successful well-adjusted individuals is vital for everyone – even non-disabled children. Here are a few ways you can help a disabled child.

#1.  Make Them Feel Important

Let your child feel loved unconditionally. Show love through your words and actions. Disabled children have enough negativity from the world and don’t need you to be the same.  Make them your most important person.

#2.  Focus On Their Abilities

All people with disabilities have something they can do well.  Where they lack in one thing, they excel in another.  A deaf child may be very good at visual things, such as art or sport.  An autistic child may be a prodigy in mathematical problem solving or music.  Encourage your child to focus on that positive ability and less on their disability.

#3.  Comfort Them

There will be the down days. All your child needs is to be comforted, without words.  A hug is all that’s needed most times.

#4.  Spiritual Guidance

God loves all his children.  Your child needs to know Him. Through faith, miracles happen.  Comfort them by letting them know that something bigger exists and that life is short and painful, but eternity is beautiful.  Pray together daily.

#5.  Go Out And Socialise

Do not isolate your child from society.  Help your child with the life skill they need to make friends.  Play games with them that their friends would want to play.  Role play what it would be like meeting a new person. Help them create a solid network of friends. Encourage extramural activities and disability friendly hobbies.

#6. Offer Healthy Meals

A healthy diet is vital for your child’s development. Include whole-grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein to boost mental focus.  Be sure your child starts the day with a good breakfast and doesn’t go 4 hours between meals or snacks.

  #7.  Take Care Of Yourself

This is very important.  Sometimes helping disabled children is hard.  It’s easy to get engulfed in the role you play as a parent to a child with a disability.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you will burn out and will be useless to your child. Get a babysitter once a week so you can have some “me time”.