Hiring People with Disabilities Advantages

Hiring people with disabilities is good for small businesses. These small businesses are not exempt from improving hiring practices and encouraging recruitment of people with disabilities. Hiring disabled workers can offer a few important financial, branding and growth advantages for small businesses.

Here are a few advantages for hiring people with disabilities

#1. Tax Benefits

For businesses who are keen on reducing their taxes, hiring people with disabilities can offer a number of tax benefits. Businesses can deduct the cost of accessibility by removing barriers and installing ramps etc. Small businesses can also enter into a learnership and earn BEE points that are available to companies who hire workers with special employment needs.

#2. Larger Talent Pool

By not employing disabled workers you are limiting your chances of actually gaining talented workers. Small businesses who find it difficult attracting qualified candidates as they cannot offer the same wages and benefits larger businesses can resort to settling for mediocre candidates. Hiring the best staff is better in the long run, even if it is staffs that have a disability.  

 #3. Branding that stands out

Hiring disabled staff can brand you as a business that has the reputation of being caring and trustworthy. This goes for any company that yields a diverse workforce. It is good branding and inspires other small businesses to follow the example you have set.

 #4. Legal benefits

Hiring disabled staff can prevent legal issues for your company when it comes to discrimination in the workplace. You will benefit when it comes to prohibition of discrimination in the workplace. It is not good for a business’s image when they discriminate against previously disadvantaged people.

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