Hobbies that Suit The Blind

Hobbies for the blind Hobbies that suit the blind improves confidence and joy on so many levels.   Walking Nothing beats a good old stroll with guide dogs and a few good friends.  most areas have walking clubs.     Deep sea fishing Yet another adventure to definitely not miss. Take along a seeing  friend for assistance  and enjoy the ocean.   Swimming Swimming has many benefits such as muscle movement and it’s fun.  Water is known to have many benefits for all types of disabilities.   Cycling Contact a cycle club in your area that do tandem cycling and enjoy the ride.  A great for of exercise and fun for both the blind and seeing.   Art therapy Art increases self awareness  and develops motor skills and cognitive behaviour.  It is also known to assist in healing with trauma and stress. Art therapy uses many mediums which allow the blind to express how they feel in a seeing world. We are creative being seeing or blind and with energy we are able to create with our soul.   Dance classes Increase in confidence  and excellent control in motion.  posture and balance is improved.  Freedom to feel the music and express it in the physical.  A beautiful art form for both blind and seeing.  Ballroom classes for men available too and in same way gives freedom as one leads the other on the floor.   Pottery classes Stimulates the sense of touch as students feel the clay and manipulate it into different shapes. Gives blind a sense of skill and creation.   Karate classes a very important hobby and activity in my opinion as it can benefit the blind in a sense of being able to defend themselves in the event they are attacked.  Thai Chi is a brilliant form of karate using slow constant movements and using energy to release stress