Home Devices For People With Disabilities

Home devices for people with disabilities are beneficial and necessary. It promotes independence and freedom by creating accessible homes for people with disabilities of any kind.

Amazon Echo

Also known as Echo, this speaker developed by Amazon connects to the voice-activated intelligent personal assistant Alexa.  The device is capable of voice interaction, to-do lists, music playback, setting alarms, playing audiobooks and giving weather and traffic reports.  It has another amazing feature: home devices for people with disabilities – acting as a home automation hub.

Smart Lock

Smart lock is a much safer alternative to a keypad. Keypad locks don’t indicate who and when used it and changing the combination is a difficult task.  Keypad combinations can be given to someone with bad intentions.  The August Smart Lock uses the user’s smartphone as an access key.  Guests can be given temporary access with limited day and times set. The app has a log of who entered your home and at what day and time.

Smart Lights

Smart lights are awesome home devices for people with disabilities as they increase visibility and access. The days of remodeling a house so you can reach the light switches are over.  All you need is one smart plug or light bulb with the easy to use feature – a tap on your smartphone screen.

Smart Blinds

These blinds can be controlled with your smartphone.  The blinds are compatible with ALEXA and GOOGLE ASSISTANT.  blinds are controlled with voice prompts, without needing your smartphone or remote switch. This makes life easier for people with disabilities as they won’t need to physically do anything.

For more information on Smart Blinds, go here.

Smart Garage Door Opener

With the smart garage door opener, you can open the garage from anywhere.  Check the brand of your garage door to see if its compatible with this smart add-on. The big garage door brands do have them. This is great for people with limited hand strength and mobility.

To order a smart garage door opener, go here.