How can we help People with Disabilities

How can we help People with Disabilities

How can we help people with disabilities? It is a fact that disabled people in the workplace, schools and social circles are affected in a big way by non-disabled people. It is sad that we as a community are their greatest barrier.

Employing people with disabilities has many benefits that we do not even know about. In a survey done by Forbes, around 56 percent of companies with high annual revenues say that diversity in the workplace is innovative and leads to success.

 How can we help people with disabilities?

Ask First and then do

Never assume that a person with disabilities need help, instead ask if they do. They know better than most what they need and how to do it.

Speak Clearly

Use clear sentences and easy words. Always match their pace, vocabulary and complexity. They are quite capable of making their own decisions. Allow them to finish their own sentences and never interrupt them.  

 Make eye contact

Speak directly to the person even if they have a caregiver with them. You will notice that while you are talking to the disabled person they are looking at their caregiver, that is fine but still direct your speech at the disabled person. When a person is wheelchair bound it is uncomfortable to look up all the time. Instead of speaking down at them, sit in front of them.

 Give them space

Mobility aids such as guide dogs, wheelchairs and canes are a part of the person and their personal space. Do not push a wheelchair without permission and do not touch a guide dog.