How To Apply For Learnership If Disabled

How to apply for a learnership. If you are interested in applying for a learnership. Contact Action for more details. You will come in for an interview. Bring in neccessary documents such as:

  • Certified copy of your ID – if you are not a SA citizen, you can bring a copy of your passport and work permit/permenant residency.
  • Certified copy of highest Qualifications – this is usually a matric certificate or anything higher such as a diploma or degree. If you do not have matric, then your Grade 10 report will be substantial.
  • Medical certificate – must clearly identify you and the nature of your disability.

Always ask yourself these few things:

  • what are your interests?
  • what are your goals and what career do you want?
  • Is the learning opportunity going to be a good fit with chosen career path?
  • Have you thought about career opportunities that you are keen on?

If a learnership opportunity doesnt match up with your abilities, interests and chosen career, it may be best to wait for something else. If you need advise about this as you are not sure, you can speak to us.

Think about these few things:

  • What are the actual physical requirements of the learning intervention?
  • What are the requirements of the work-place learning component?
  • Will you be able to pursue a career of choice in the future

Know your capabilities. A learner who has vision loss will not be able to be a driver or handle heavy machinery. A learnership takes 12 to 18 months to complete, so it is important to choose the correct learning intervention for your chosen career path.

Consider what the final outcome is that you expect. Is it education or employment? If you want to be employed then a learnership the the best option for your goal.

How to apply for a learnership.

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