How To Interview a Blind Employee

How to interview a blind employee for the job. There are things you should do and things you should not do. Always keep in mind that the person you are interviewing is a person. When the person who is visually impaired arrives for their interview, they may require assistance. It is the receptionists duty to find out who they must contact for assistance.

Point  #1.  Do not ask about their disability

This is just rude. Rather ask the candidate if they can perform the task given them and if they would require any special accommodations to do so.

Point  #2. Be positive about their capabilities

Interview the candidate as if they can do the job until you see otherwise.

Point  #3. Be an ambassador

Create a welcoming environment. Let the candidate know that your company doesn’t discriminate and accepts and interviews employees of all abilities and cultures.

Point  #4. Use people first language

Instead of saying blind person, use the term people who are blind.

Introduce yourself and introduce who is present. Do not refer to the employee as a blind person, use their name.

Point #5. Guide Dogs Allowed

A person who is blind may be using their guide dog to get to the interview. The dog should be allowed in the interview room to help guide the person to their chair. Obviously, the guide dog will not need to be with the employee on a daily basis if you do not feel comfortable with a dog in the office or the type of business does not allow it due to health reasons.

Please leave any other tips you may have about how to interview a blind employee in the comments section. Thank you.


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