How We Can Help People With Disabilities

Help people with disabilities and make a difference to society and our economy.  This often overlooked group of people have so much to offer, yet they haven’t been included in society.

Disability Fact: More than one out of every two people over the age of 70 are disabled. Most of us live to see beyond 70, so many of us will become disabled.

  • Disabled people want to take part in society – being part of society and being accepted and heard.
  • Disabled people want to be independent – having a choice and control over the care and services they require to live the lives they deserve to live.
  • Disabled people want to do the best they can in life – by removing barriers that exist in society as a person with limitations.

We Need To Get Rid Of The Barriers

People with disabilities face many barriers in society. Here are a few ways we can get rid of those barriers and help people with disabilities.

  • We need to understand disability better. As people live longer, they will become disabled or take care of someone who is.
  • We need to address the way people think and act toward people with disabilities. This will prevent people from being treated unfairly.
  • We need to give disabled people more choice control.
  • We need to give our communities a bigger say in what happens in their local area.
  • We need to work closely with other organizations to ensure a change will last.
  • Improving health services and social services.
  • Improving the welfare system.
  • Ensuring that people with disabilities know their Human Rights.
  • Entering into learnership programmes as business owners and giving people an opportunity to become functioning humans in the community.
  • Create an environment that considers those with all disabilities. Transportation to clinics and places of learning are usually not available in rural areas.