Improved Air Travel for People with Disabilities

Improved Air Travel for People with Disabilities

Improved air travel for people with disabilities is topic of the month as the festive season approaches. The International Transport Association (IATA) is seeking to improve air travel for people with disabilities.

Hosted by emirates in Dubai, the Symposium invited guests from airlines and accessibility advocacy groups. The event was in June 2019, and commitments were made to improve air travel for both visible and invisible disabilities.

Collaboration and feedback are crucial. Airlines are seeking to establish a better dialogue between advocacy groups and passengers. The industry has high stanadards for passengers that have a disability and understand the gaps need to addressed. The IATA is excited about improved air travel for people with disabilities.

 Presenters and speakers came from a vast background, such as:

  • Regulatory bodies – UK CAA
  • Canadian transport agency
  • Brazilian ministry of infrastructure
  • Disability advocates – Reduced Mobility Rights, The Pineda Foundation
  • European Network on accessible tourism
  • Open Doors Organisation
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for disabled people
  • Industry partners – dnata and Heathrow Airport

 Presentations were also given by representatives from Apple and Microsoft showing the importance of inclusive and technological innovation.

The event featured keynotes and speech that focused on a vast variety of accessibility and inclusion topics, such as:

  • Travelers with hidden disabilities
  • Security policies discrepancies
  • Improved and standardized processes to reduce damage to mobility aids
  • Global policy discrepancies around accessibility and inclusion in avaiation – ground/airline processes and regulations.
  • Training staff to be empathetic

For all those that are travelling this holiday season, may it be a stress free and joyous experience!