Inclusive Workplace for People Who are Blind

Inclusive workplace for people who are blind bridges the social gap. Employees who are blind can be as capable as sighted people if given the right tools. If you are considering working with someone who is blind or visually impaired, here are a few workplace inclusions to consider:

 #1.  Allow Everyone in the Room to Introduce Themselves

Ask each person to identify themselves before a meeting begins, so that a blind employee will know who is in attendance and where every person is seated. If someone enters or leaves a room mid-meeting, acknowledge this with a brief mention so that everyone understands who is still present.

#2.  Make Communication Easier

There are easy things you can do to make information accessible for blind employees. Bring hard copies to meetings, send electronic materials beforehand. If you are a doing a presentation on PowerPoint, use descriptive text and describe any charts, tables, props and images that everyone can follow.

#3.  Ask About Accessible Technology

Many employees who are visually impaired only need a few simple accommodations to adapt their workspace.  Most will bring devices with them if they can. Enquire about what it is they need to do the job.

#4.  Speak Up

If you overhear colleagues making comments about an employee who is blind or belittling them in any way, do not look past it. Speak up against discrimination of any kind, it’s your right and theirs. If it continues, go to the manager or human resource manager. It would be a good idea to educate staff members about disability and discrimination.

#5.  Inform Others

Inform other employees about the Disabilities Act and include statement about being an equal opportunity employer on your recruitment postings and internal communications.

#6. Train Your Team

Enroll your staff or temp into a training programme or learnership programme. Give them the tools they need to become empowered and qualified candidates by implementin an inclusive

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