Invisible Disabilites Explained

Invisible Disabilites Explained

Invisible disabilities are just that – invisible! Having a mental health issue and learning differences is so difficult to identify. It is vital that people understand that disabilities are really just unique differences.

 As we all know, every individual has strengths and limitations. Life is about getting through the obstacles on the way and there are unique challenges for every person. If you get the help you need, you can succeed. Too many people with invisible disabilities remain “invisible” by the community and their families. Doctors do not really focus on the challenges and only the disability.

What is an invisible disability?

  • It is an impairment of physical movement
  • Interaction with others is limited
  • Academic lack
  • Lack of job skills

 Here are a few invisible disabilities:

  • ADHD/ADD – these people are actually very capable once they learn how to overcome their weaknesses. Medication is prescribed. But therapy and skills do work too.
  • Social Anxiety – getting to the root cause is key of this fear helps
  • Depression – medication and therapy is needed
  • Fibromyalgia – medication and support is needed
  • Epilepsy – medication does help but doesn’t cure the epilepsy
  • Cystic fibrosis – a chronic condition and very serious. Medication and healthcare is needed as these people usually have a low mortality rate.

 People are “what I see, I will believe” and for this reason it is difficult to say that you have a disability when one cannot show it.

There is very little with regards to help for people with invisible disabilities. These people need acceptance and understanding just like everyone else with a visible disability.