Job Hunting With a Disability

Job hunting with a disability can have many challenges.  Whether you have a physical or mental disability, there are ways that can help when job hunting with a disability.

Here are a few ways to help with your job search.

#1.  Websites for disabled and senior workers

There are a myriad of work from home sites if you have some experience with computers.  Check out the department of labors website for disability employment.

You may want to have a look at the following:

If you are receiving disability grant, then you can speak to a training center like Action4 the blind and disabled about training and job placements.  Contact for more information.

#2.  Find a Mentor

Find someone who has similar disabilities that is doing a job that you would like to do.  Ask your mentor to guide you in the processes.  You can find many mentors on disability groups online. Here are a few places you may find guidance:

#3.  Be Realistic

It is good to have dreams, but you would have to ask yourself these few questions:

Can you do the job?

Will you be comfortable with the job?

Will you be good at the job?

Would you be able to work past your limitations?

How will you get to work and back?

Some people have cognitive issues such as problem-solving, editing and writing on the computer.  A career coach for people with chronic health issues, Rosalind Joffe says:

For others, it can be such things as visions. When thinking about a new job, you want to keep in mind these limits, but focus on what you can do.  If you only focus on your limits, it’s difficult to find the courage and resilience to look for a job at all.”

#4.  Consider when you need to discuss your disability

If you can do the job that you applied for, without needing accommodations in place, then why would you need to mention it?