Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities

There has been an increase in job opportunities for people with disabilities and businesses should hire PWDs based on their business requirement. These days business people that can adapt to any situation are an asset.  This is why job opportunities for people with disabilities are gaining interest steadily by businesses. 

On a daily basis, people who have a disability need to think outside the box to solve problems and complete tasks.  This type of innovative thinking is what most employees hope for when employing a workforce. Unfortunately, employers do not know how to recruit this group of employees and that is where Action for the blind and disabled children can help – give us a call today.

Advantages of hiring people with disabilities:

  •  Employees get insights into how to deal with customers with disabilities
  • There is a greater diversity at the work place so that a wide variety of problem solving is available.
  • High productivity
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Beneficial to the public and community as a whole
  • Tax incentives and BEE status

 Sharing information about your disability in an interview isn’t necessary and it’s a personal decision that people must make. An interviewer is prohibited from asking you questions about your disability that have nothing to do with job responsibilities. 

An interviewer should only ask questions about your qualifications and experience.  You do not need to discuss your disability unless it concerns accommodations that employer needs to put in place.

Accommodations are a requirement by law when entering into a learnership or employing a person with a disability. If accommodations are going to be a hefty expense for the business then it is safe to say a learnership isn’t a good fit for your business. Accomodations include making adjustments for interviews, job functions, workplace access (wheelchair ramp) and benefits of employment.

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