Jobs You Probably Thought Blind People Can’t Do

There are jobs you probably thought blind people can’t do. Right?

Would you believe that there is a blind award winning journalist? or an acclaimed chef?

Professional Photographer

Pete Ekhart calls himself a tourist in the land of the “sighted”

“I am trying to cut a new path as a blind visual artist. I am not bound by assumptions of the sighted or their assumed limits.”

Diagnosed in his teens with retinitis pigmentosa and losing his sight at the age of 28, he found an old kodak camera and so his journey began. He taught himself how to take photos. His style is unique. He uses slow-speed photography and multiple exposures.

I see each shot very clearly, only I use sound, touch, and memory”

Ekharts work can be viewed all over the world in art exhibitions. He has won multiple awards, including a first place for “exposure” competition by Artists Wanted in New York.

My motivation comes from trying to show sighted people the world from a blind perspective”


Nothing more attentive to an interview than a person who is blind. Gary O’Donoghue lost his sight when he was 8 years old and had a passion for journalism in high school. He went on to become a well known journalist for BBC. He covered stories from the Kosovo war to British government during his 20 year career. He went on to cover US politics in 2015, in Washington.

Donoghue said that its hard to be a blind journalist, but very important. He is a wonderful ambassador for the blind community and proof that it can be done.

its important to have people like me doing the job though, if journalism is going to properly reflect how Britain is. Otherwise, all stereotypes will be perpetuated, and the world won’t move on in its understanding of disability.”

There are also advantages to being blind, O’Donoghue said. “Sometimes you get a second longer before they slam the door in your face,” he said. “It’s about making that second count.”

Court Judge

Justice is blind they say. It is when Richard Bernstein hears cases in the Michigan supreme court. He is the first blind person to be elected for the states highest court.

Bernstein was born blind. He prepares cases by having an assistant read legal documents to him.

“it would be much easier if I could read and write like everyone else, but thats not how I was created”

Not only is he a high court judge, but a marathon runner, with 19 marathons under his belt.