Labour Market Challenges and Disabled Youth

Labour market challenges and disabled youth.  Disabled youth are the most unemployed group in South Africa.  This has a high impact on self-esteem and disabled youth are forced into low-income employment.  Learner who are disabled are disadvantaged with extremely weak networks and have little to no previous work experience.  Labour market challenges and disabled youth should be discussed more.

HIV prevalence rates among woman younger than 30 severely affects the youth labour market.  These woman usually are in low income, low skill and service sector jobs.  Employers are more likely to take on higher educated individuals and low entry salaries to add to economic growth.

Self-employment is unlikely for most disabled youth as experience is a requirement and due to past discrimination against black South Africans. Apartheid stunted a culture of entrepreneurs due to the youth not having an example through their elders concerning marketing opportunities.

The government can play an important role in facilitating youth into the labour market. This is where Action makes the difference for the disabled youth of South Africa through computer skills training.  Computer skills training is the basis for further skills training and advancement. 

Unfortunately many employers claim that they cannot find people with disabilities who are employable and that have the necessary skills. 

Despite the laws protecting People with disabilities, this group are unemployed or employed but not given enough support in the workspace. Unfair discrimination still exists and Action strives to educate and enhance the rights of people with disabilities by empowering them.

The inability of the country to meet the target of 2% PWD employment is an important challenge that has to be addressed if we are to see a difference in South Africa.

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