Latest Laser Eye Surgery

Latest laser eye surgery is low risk and easy to do procedure. Recovery from laser eye surgery is as little as one month. However non invasive this might appear, it is in fact the opposite. LASIK procedure is when a laser is used to cut flaps on each eye and altering shape of the cornea to correct your vision impairment. For those who are sensitive to eyes being touched, this wouldn’t be a suitable option. This is enough to put many off the idea of not having to wear glasses again.
But just imagine the positive aspects of laser eye surgery such as: not having heavy rims hanging around your face all day and forgetting your glasses when you leave the house.These are a few of the things that many wearers of glasses live with.

There are other options to glasses such as contact lenses. For many it is rather daunting to put them in as you have to touch the eyeball – not for the squirmish. This is when you would opt for laser eye surgery instead.

What doesn’t help is the myths that have circulated concerning laser eye surgery. As per Prof. Reinstein – 16 of the most common myths are:

1 ┬áThis isn’t a fully developed procedure

2. You still need to wear glasses as it’s not a successful procedure

3. Far-sightedness can’t be corrected

4. Astigmatism can’t be corrected

5. You will still need glasses as you get older

6. The procedure may cause blindness

7. It’s painful

8. The procedure can go wrong if you blink

9. Any mistakes by surgeon can’t be undone

10. It’s short procedure but you will need more sessions

11. There is uncertainty about long term effectiveness

12. Prescription must be stable

13. Cataracts prevent this procedure

14. Contact lenses are safer