Learnership Requirements for The Disabled Youth

Learnership requirements for youth that have a disability starts with some computer skills. At Action we believe that South African businesses should assist youth with disabilities to enter into the workspace. Employers should help employees reach their goals and they should welcome people from the community to partake in a learnership program.

Companies must select unemployed learners based on the actively economic population (EAP) targets for their immediate community. There should be a five year skill plan put in place.

Learnershipos are beneficial and the government promotes access to education and training as the learnership allows the learner to be able to enter into a career or become self-employed.

Learnership requirements are available for unemployed and employed youth with disabilities.

Unemployed Learners

Unemployed learners who have just matriculated or completed a course at training centers, and those who have not had a job for some time can enter into a learnership program. Some employees may employee a learner for the duration of the learnership program. There will be a contract signed by employer, employee or learners and training provider.

Employed Learners

Employed learners can apply for learnerships if they want to study further and will require their employers approval to enter into a learnership program that the company offers.

Young people with a disability must be 16 years old and younger than 35 years. SETAs encourage the youth with disabilities to enter into learnership programs.

There are certain requirements needed to enter into a learnership and we at Action offer just that – computer and communication skills.

If you are keen on working in the corporate office space or in a call center, then give one of our representatives a call now.

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