Learnership Termination Procedures and Facts

Learnership termination does occur for many reasons. Employers are expected to adhere to certain procedures when the learner or employee wants to terminate the employment contract.  There are a few conditions for learnership termination:

Learnership includes:

  • Employment of a learner – who has signed learnership agreement
  • Was not previously employed by employer when agreemnent was signed
  • Any employers that employ a learner

Conditions for Termination

  • The Learnership period has ended (6 months or 12 months)
  • Learnership is completed successfully
  • The employer and learner agreed in writing that contract is terminated
  • A fair dismissal where there was misconduct or worker is incapable

Pay on Termination

  • Leave that the learner is entitled to
  • Leave that the learner has not taken

Certificate Of Service

On termination of employment, learners are entitled to a certificate of service, stating the following:

  • the learner’s full name;
  • Employer name and address
  • A description of the sectoral employment standard covering the employers business
  • The starting and ending dates of the learner’s employment
  • a short description of what the learner gained through the training given
  • the learners pay at the termination of the contract
  • reason for termination

Learnership Stipends Are Low

Learnership stipends are paid to those who were unemployeed when entering into learnership programme. If you were employed and then entered learnership programme, you do not qualify for a stipend in addition to your salary.

Learnerships are a way to employ and pay low wages, learners are not paid market related salaries. You are in no way entitled to a higher stipend amount, but you may negotiate the best possible amount with the organisation involved. A learnership is a wonderful opportunity and with support from your family can work. Most businesses are looking for those who can survive on very little for one year. After all, once the programme is completed, the learner will most likely be employed or be able to seek work with confidence.

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