Learnerships Benefit Employers and Employees

Learnerships benefit employers and employees alike.  Companies are obligated by law to contribute to the Skills Development Fund (SDF) in South Africa.  A learnership is a work-based learning programme that runs parralel to a certain occupation or field of work.  Once completed, learners are awarded an accredited NQF qaulification.  Businesses who want to contribute to skills development can enter into learnership agreements with current employees or unemployed candidates.  Action 4 the blind and disabled is an NPO that aims to bridge the gap of unemployed people with disabilities by offering computer skills training that is required by the majority of businesses.

B-BBEE Scorecard Points

Skills development is a priority when earning points on your businesses B-BBEE Scorecard.  When entering into a learnership programme, you will be awarded 20 points for your business.  A business that fails to meet the minimum 40 percent requirement, will be penalized on their rating.

The points are awarded as follows:

  • Invest 6 percent on training Black people – earn 8 points
  • Invest in learnership programmes and internships – earn 4 points, and another 4 points if you invest in black unemployed learners (25% of your workforce).
  • An extra 5 points are added if you employee the unemployed learner once learnership is completed.

There is much more to gain than just points on your scorecard, such as:

  • Tax rebates
  • Competent employees who are trained according to certain requirements within a business
  • Less hassle and time wasted on the recruitment process
  • A good reputation as a business that adds to the development of people with disabilities
  • Improved work performance and teamwork
  • Employees who need less supervision and can work independently
  • Motivated employees who want to progress
  • Creating an environment that is worth investing in

All three parties involved, the learner, the employee and the training provider benefit from learnership programmes.  At Action, we strive to add value to the employee as well as the employer.

For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or elsie@action4.org.za and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or stephen@action4.org.za