Learnerships Improve the Economy in South Africa

Learnerships Improve the economy in South Africa

Learnerships were created for previously disadvantaged South Africans and for economic growth. These valuable programmes ensure that the gap in unemployment is bridged.  Simply speaking, learnerships are programmes where learners get on-the-job training.

Learnerships give learners with disabilities the opportunity to apply for jobs confidently and provides them with a fixed-term contract and monthly stipend during the programme. The programme offers skills desperetaly needed in our country.

For those who cannot afford higher education institutions, learnership programmes offer much needed relief. Businesses who offer learnerships benefit both themselves and the learner in many ways. There is a great need for businesses who are progressive in this area so that our economy can be corrected.

  • Employers gain employees that are capable and do not need supervision
  • Employers do not waste time on interviewing and recruiting
  • Tax incentives
  • B-BBEE points

The government has increased the corporate allowances for learnership programmes. These can be claime twice a year: at the start of the programme and on completion.

If the organisation hires learners once qualified, they could then qualify for an employment tax incentive.

BEE Rewards

Broad-based BEE (BBBEE) is significant to a companies reputation, but most importantly improves on the success of the organization and its workforce. It isnt only the preffered method of networking but also exposes a company to certain benefits such as:

  • State tenders
  • Procurement databases
  • small business mentorship, partnerships and investments

Learnership programmes benefit an organisation by adding to an organisations BEE status, as they are awarded 20 points to their scorecard. The learnership must meet certain criteria:

  • Structured Learning Programme
  • SETA registration
  • Signed formal agreement between learner, organisation and training provider
  • An NQF-registered qualification on completion

When a company enters into the programme, they gain employees who are capable to get the job done. Not only this, the costs of interviewing, hiring, training and recruiting suitable canditates is minimized. By reinvesting in learners, a business is reinforcing its marketability. C

The unemployment rate in South Africa is high, but through learnerships we are reducing the figure at its root. If we keep this up, the unemployment rate will improve long term. It is our duty as citizens of this beautiful country, to make a difference.