Live Braille – New Invention

Live Braille

Live Braille is a new invention created by Abhinav Verma. Assistive technology for disabled is very underdeveloped in India and other parts of the world. It’s either brushed aside or costs way too much. It’s a sentiment that has been around every expert in the field. Verma who is a mechanical Engineer spent two years creating this wearable live Braille device. It allows visually impaired people to move around freely. The live Braille mini is a device that can be worn as a ring. It has ultrasonic rangefinders that are used in tandem to sense how far an obstacle is and the direction it is in. Users point their hand in the direction they are going and the sensors pick up if the path is clear and vibrates if there’s an obstacle. Haptic feedback let’s the user know the distance of the obstacle. The product emerged from a device Verma and scholars worked on. The device was a glove with five sensors that tracked data from all points to give a bigger picture. Problem is it was also big and not so convenient. The mini is small and lightweight. So much so that it could fit in ones pocket. On Live Braille site there is positive feedback, with many who are impressed with this product  The common theme is that it gives independence to the user. It is accurate and the perfect size. Dr Prenatal a practitioner who works with blind is excited to see the device. Verma has sent out 200 of these devices so far so it’s not strange that it’s not well known yet. There are however videos on it.