Loss Of Vision – Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Loss of vision and disability is seen as being a negative aspect of life. There are negative aspects but there are also many positive aspects of being without sight. So, let’s take a look at the cons and pros.


  1. Driving a car – can be difficult, especially since you can’t get out and about on the town. Relying on public transport isn’t possible if you live in the rural parts.
  2. Making Friends – isn’t easy for most individuals with loss of vision due to the stigma that stands in society about disabled people. Bullying by abled people is, unfortunately, more common than you think. “I often felt inferior to the people around me when I was growing up because I was treated differently and this knocked my confidence quite a bit, making it difficult for me to make new friends,” said Ellen.
  3. Using a cane – mostly at a very young age, it brings about shame and embarrassment, ” I refused to pick it up for years because of this but I finally swallowed my pride about three years ago and decided that enough was enough and that it wouldn’t get the better of me.” said Ellen.
  4. Family photos – cannot be viewed, and you are in most of them. This makes you sad because you cant share the memories.



  1. Not seeing bad things – such as violent movies scenes or that spider on the wall above your head *giggles*.
  2. Blindness is bliss – you don’t get to see dirty looks from others.
  3. Life is simple and cheaper – as you aren’t too concerned about decorations and purchasing the biggest television or cellphone (all you need is the sound).
  4. Reading in the dark – no need for night lamp when you read Braille, saving electricity costs at the same time.