Massage Therapy for the Disabled

Massage therapy for the disabled is proven to relieve pain decreasing the need for pain medication.  It provides relaxation and lowers stress levels.  It reduces anxiety and us proven to help with depression.  Physically it helps with blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate.  Many benefits which include lymphatic drainage and blood circulation are popular reasons for massage.  Massage is therapeutic especially with cerebral palsy due to it helping with mobility and muscle strength.   Massage for the disabled is used in the following disabilities:   Traumatic brain injury clients enjoy all the benefits massage offers including relief from headaches   Spinal cord Injuries Clients with spinal cord injuries benefit from massage therapy as it focuses on the removal of the myofascial restrictions that are caused by an accident.  Fascia is soft tissue between muscle and bones and skin enabling movement.   massage therapy can also help to remove restricting scar tissue that impedes movement. Soft tissue massage can relieve chronic pain and help with increasing mobility and movement.   Paraplegic or quadriplegic clients Soft tissue massage is a benefit and work on affected limbs improves lymphatic and venous circulation while improving blood supply and muscle spasm.  Movement is increased and posture improves. Core massage helps with digestive problems associated with lack of mobility.  Respiratory capacity improves and muscle fatigue relieved.   Socially massage therapy helps to build relationships and bonds between parents and children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and autism.  The communication gap is bridged through touch.  It is a must for parents or care givers to learn the basics of massage.   The session treatment last 30 minutes at most but therapist can suggest time limit.  Oils infused with aromatherapy ingredients are used for different ailments and reasons.  Lavender and peppermint are the most common but there are many more oils on market now for different uses.