Microsoft Courses Near Me

Microsoft courses near me is a useful course. Developed by Microsoft for users that need to type and save documents. Here are the many benefits of doing a Microsoft Course:

  • It is Popular
  • It is popular and so it will be available everywhere.
  • All windows users install Microsoft on their computers.
  • It is used to save documents
  • It can be used to copy documents into a flash drive – external memory
  • It allows users to create different formats as needed
  • Create and design business cards, newsletters and flyers
  • The use of fonts, shapes, clip art and charts

There are times where users need to integrate MS Word with other programs such as:

  • Excel tables, rows and colums
  • Powerpoint slide sorter with thumb nails for audience handouts

Spelling Check

  • This is so helpful when you need to make sure your grammar and spelling is perfect before sending out a letter or document. Microsoft word suggests the changes that need to be made and then you click accept change.

Navigation Pane

One very important feature of MS Word is the navigtion pane at the top. This is a visual representation of varied functions. You can select different functions depending on your needs and use it conveniently.

Almost every proffession in the world should have MS Word. This enables people to have a friendly computer usage experience than other products out there.

microsoft courses near me :

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