Microsoft Office Course Near Me

Microsoft Office Course Near Me

Microsoft office course near me teaches the basics of MS Office.  Action offers a Microsoft Office course which covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. It is important to know MS Office and open up more career choices for people with disabilities. If you looking for a Microsoft Office course near me then Action can help.

Entry Level Skills Required by Employees

  Most employees require a basic knowledge of MS Office.  A prospective employee should be able to open, create, save and modify documents in the following:

  • Word – open, create and modify documents and save them. Changing fonts, margins, insert and delete and spell check are all required skills, since Word is the most used program on MS Office Suite.
  • Outlook – Send and receive emails
  • Excel – create, modify and save spreadsheets
  • Printing – be able to preview and format documents and spreadsheets for printing

Intermediate Tasks

Many common tasks in MS Office go beyond basic MS Office skills, including:

  • Mail Merge in Word to personalize business letters for mailing lists
  • Creating slideshows using PowerPoint
  • Create formulas in excel for sales or taxes on Excel
  • Creating address books and setting up auto-responders for when one is out of office on Outlook emails.

Advanced Tasks

An employee should be able to handle these programs and do the following:

  • MS office applications – importing and expoirting of information
  • Access – creating databases which is not as simple as excel list
  • Excel – customize financial forms by graphics
  • Word Documents – tracking changes in word
  • PowerPoint – customizing presentations in PowerPoint

Action offers training and learnership programmes for those who need to learn the features a business requires. Testing is certified and a qualification is received upon completion of training.

For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or