Microsoft Training Providers In Johannesburg

Microsoft training providers. Action is a Microsoft training provider in Johannesburg and Durban. Our tuition center focuses on blind and disabled youth who require Microsoft certificates. This qualification is the best for competency in MS Office products.

We ensure that our young blind and disabled learners attain an MS Office certificate and from there are trained in Customer Relations Management Systems (CRM) with added call center training – with emphasis on outbound Call Centers.

Action for the blind and disabled children is situated in the heart of Roodepoort as an NGO, sponsored by the community. We are dedicated to teaching and training people with a disability in computers and computer softtware, such as:

  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Office Suite
  • Outlook and Gmail

Action trains learners in basic and advanced software programs so that they will acquire the level needed to write Microsoft accredited examinations. Action ensures that each and every learner has the skills to go on and find employment.

Action strives to be one of the NGO’s that provide exceptional and up to date training for learners who enter into a learnership. Learners who are blind and disabled are able to follow a career path without government assistance, which is nearly not enough to sustain anyone.

Blind and visually impaired learners can now experience Microsoft learning with ease, thanks to inclusive and accessible teaching and education. Windows offers options for learners with visual impairments such as:

  • modified computer monitors – making text and images easier to see
  • Computer software – that enables users to choose displays color combinations and adjust screen contrast for those who are colorblind.

Each learner is assessed for special talents and abilities and then basic competency training is given.

After assesment and basic skills training, we offer guidance around career goals. The learners will then begin a number of skills courses that will help them achieve their career goals.


For more information about training that we offer, please contact Elsie Botha on 011 763 3366 or and Stephen Bergers on 011 763 2429 or