Common Learning Disabilities – Struggling Students

Common learning disabilities often cause many students to struggle in school. Here are the top 5 common learning disabilities in schools today.

 #1. Dyslexia

This is the most common learning disability.  It impeded the student’s ability to read and understand the text.  There is a variety of ways that the disability is manifested. Some struggle with phonemic awareness, which means they cannot recognize the way words break down according to sound. Some struggle with distinguishing similar sounds.  Students may experience one or more issues with dyslexia.

#2.  ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects 6.4 million children at some time.  It isn’t set in stone yet as a learning disability, it is however definitely a learning impediment. ADHD students struggle to pay attention and stay on task.  They are easily distracted and don’t cope well in government schools with large classes.  ADHD is linked to the structure of the brain and is genetic.  

#3.  Dyscalculia

When it comes to math, this is a major concern when it comes to learning disabilities.  Students who struggle with reading struggle with math, while others suffer from dyscalculia, a disorder that affects math capabilities.  Dyscalculia can range from struggling with the order of numbers to issues with problem solving.  Students with math disorders struggle with math calculations, concept with time, measurement and estimation.

#4.  Dysgraphia

Writing disabilities can be difficult to overcome.  These disabilities are known as Dysgraphia.  It is related to the physical act of writing. Difficulty holding a pencil and rigid posture affect writing ability.  They also get tired easily and hence become de-motivated.  Students have trouble organizing their thoughts coherently and may experience notable omissions affecting the writing quality and text readability.  Dysgraphia may also cause students to struggle with basic sentences and grammar.

#5.  Processing Deficits

Processing Deficits are connected to learning disabilities, making sensory data difficult.  Students struggle to excel in a traditional classroom with too many students and distractions.  These deficits affect stimuli such as visual and auditory capabilities.  They struggle to grasp and identify important information needed to succeed.

These 5 most common learning disabilities can manifest with a varying degree of severity and students struggle with more than just one of these. Understanding and education are key when assessing if your child may need to see an occupational therapist.