Musical Inventions for People with Disabilities

Musical Inventions for People with Disabilities

Musical inventions for people with disabilities are usually invented by those who were disabled, such as:

Django Reinhardt – Jazz musician

Reinhardt damaged two fingers due to a fire accident that almost killed him. The jazz musician went on to create a new style of jazz despite the damage to his fingers.

Reinhardt went theough rehabilitation after the fire and started experimenting on a guitar given to him by his brother. He played many types of music and was then introduced to jazz by a friend. He heard the music and it sparked a passion and vision to become a jazz musician.

 Tony Lommi – Black Sabbath’s guitarist

Tony Lommi lost his finger tipe of his right hand when he was in an industrial accident on his last day of work at a metal sheet factory. Doctors told him he would never play guitar again. Lommi invented  leather and plastic fingertips and went on to become one of the worlds best guitarists.

Here are a few musical inventions we see today:

Mi Mu Gloves

Ariana Grande can give a high five for this amazing musical invention. Grande used these gloves on her world tour. These are high tech gloves that can change your voice.

These gloves were created for Grammy winner Imogen Heap who needed an expressive way to use music on stage. Heap had the idea of a musical device that is controlled by hand gestures and gloves that would allow artists freedom and musical diversity. This was then offered to musicians with disabilities.

Kris Halpin, a musician and songwriter has cerebral palsy and is able to make music out of thin air with the gloves.


This is an instrument that adapts to the musician, instead of the other way around. It can be played independently with any part of the body.