My Disability – Things Disabled People Want You To Know

“My Disability is not a curse“, this is something you will hear anyone with a disability say.  Here are a few quotes from people living with a disability and what they want the world to know.

#1.  People Must See Them For Who They Are

People need to see us for who we are and not our disability.  Yes, we are blind, but does that mean we can’t do anything? No.”=Michael Chopra

 #2.  They Want Their Abilities Acknowledged

I like to be judged by my abilities and not my disability.  I want to be treated as an equal – I am a mother, grandmother, friend, sister, so why should be any different because of my disability” =Pauline Wade

 #3.  They Aren’t Unlucky Or Cursed

Losing one’s eyesight is not a fate worse than death. Life without vision still holds many joys.  Challenges and difficulties, yes, but also much happiness and fulfillment as well.  There are non-visual ways of doing most things.  It seems like its hard for people with normal vision to imagine how those of us with low vision or with vision can do things like comb our hair, dress, clean our homes or even eat.“=Candy Lien

 #4.  Blind People Aren’t Deaf

“I have a visual impairment. People assume blind and visually impaired persons are deaf so they talk really loud.  Being blind does not mean we are deaf. We hear just fine.  it is true, however, that some blind persons have hearing impairments.  But they do not go hand-in-hand“=Kim Leis Moberg

#5.  Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Them

“Don’t be afraid to come up and chat.  I would much rather have someone ask me questions about my blindness than avoid talking to me at all for fear of offending me.”=Caitlin Hernandez

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