Myths about Blind People

Myths about Blind people   Myths about Blind people are as follows and stating the facts.   Myth – People who blind can’t do many jobs available. Fact – Blind people are doing many jobs that will surprise you. Such as CEO’S, world class athletes, politicians and many more.   Myth – accommodations are pricey. Fact – Costs are actually low and easy to implement. The value of the loyalty the company will get is priceless.   Myth – employees who are blind or visually impaired need supervision. Fact – Studies show that employees that are blind don’t need any supervision. Only supervision they need is to do new tasks. Most are highly motivated individuals. Given correct training blind employees are competitive.   Myth – Visually impaired or blind cannot read print or handwritten documents. Fact – Technology has made it easier and there is software that translates words into speech. Human readers take care of the rest.   Myth – Vision loss means job loss and ends work in future. Fact – There are many training centres such as Action4theblind that serve in developing skills with career counselling so that the client can continue with their current employment. They are even more productive when given this chance as it shows a sense of loyalty like no other.   Myth – Blind employees are safe from disciplinary hearings and puts company at disadvantage. Fact – the procedures remain the same for blind and seeing employees and nothing changes.   Myth – Blind people have a sixth sense Fact – Blind people aren’t gifted with sharper senses to compensate for their loss of vision. They may listen more carefully or remember without taking notes as they are void of visual distraction.   Myth – blind people are good at braille and have guide dogs. Fact – Only a few are fluent in braille such as reading notes or labels. Most adults do not master this the older they are. Only a few own guide dogs. As invaluable as they are as tools, not every blind person has the means to take care of a guide dog such as if they live in a place that isn’t pet friendly. Guide dogs are relaxed when off duty though and won’t cause chaos in the workplace. They make great companions too, giving the blind employee a sense of compassion too.   Myth – Blind people see darkness. Fact – Only 18% are classed as completely blind. Most can tell the difference between dark and light.