Myths and Misconceptions About Disability

Myths and misconceptions about disabilities is very common. These ideas are fear based, and bring about prejudice and discrimination in South Africa. By promoting negative images of people with disabilities in the media, we are saying that it is ok to mock and avoid such people.

Discrimination creates barriers for people with disabilities. Here are a few myths and misconceptions about disability:

Myth #1. You are defined by your disability

This is so very wrong. People with disabilities shouldn’t be defined by their limitations or conditions. They are people first and foremost.

Myth #2. People with disabilities can only do easy jobs

People with disabilities can only do easy jobs. People with disabilities can do many jobs that able bodied people can. People with disabilities work in many areas and even obtain qualifications. They know what their capabilities are and will apply for jobs that they can do. Learnerships are a great way for them to enter into the workplace.

Myth #3. They Are Superhumans

People with disabilities are often seen as brave and an inspiration for living with their limitations. The truth is, they do not see their disability as a burden and they would prefer others do not see it that way too.

Myth #4. People with Disabilites are Expensive

They do not need expensive technology. Many devices for people with disabilities are inexpensive and all thats needed to help them with daily activities.


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