Opportunities for Learners After Learnership

Opportunities for learners after learnership are plenty. If an employer is impressed with your work performance and ability during a learnership, they may just employ you. This is more likely to occur if there is a spot open for you in their company.

Another option would be that the employer could enroll you in more learnership programs and sign a new agreement. If the learnership is over, you still gain experience and skills to apply for a job with other employers.

Self employment is a possibility too with the skills and business experience that you gain. You will increase your chances of generating an income if you put in the right effort during learnership and learn as much about a business as you can.

There is always something new to learn, so why stop once a learnership is completed. Study more on the the field that you have learnt so that you can move to the next level. The qualification that you acquire is an entry into further studies and the sky is the limit. You can even study at University once you have met the entry requirements.

Its important that a learner remembers that a learnership is a qualification gained by attending classes and the work. Learners have employment and training contracts in place and vary from organization to organization. An organization that offers training must be accredited to do this through the services of  SETA.

It can be overwhelming if you are not used to training and working at the same time. Many learners fail as they are under the assumption that they do not need to put in any effort.

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