Parents Of disabled kids Life Hacks – Parenting Tips

Parents of disabled kids face just as many struggles as parents of non-disabled kids and more. Parents of disabled kids need support for themselves and their children. Here are a few life hacks from other parents of disabled kids.

#1.  Family File

Keep all important documents such as:

  • Doctors Information – phone numbers, future appointments, questions to ask.
  • Finances – bills, goals, savings
  • Family schedule – daily to-do lists

#2.  Be Chilled

Almost daily get me an iced coffee after school drop off. Only worry about that day’s events. Take naps, and its OK if I don’t cook or clean that day.“=Melissa H,

#3.  Be Prepared For Travelling

I always keep my car filled with things we may need: portable potty, clothes, painkillers, wipes, different shoes, etc.  Our situation can change at the drop of a hat and I always used to get caught out with nothing as I was never prepared.  Looks like we are off camping half the time, but we can relax a little.“=Naomi H.

#4.  Pre-plan the day ahead

Clothes get laid out the night before, different bags for different activities (dance/gym/swim etc).  The stuff just gets washed then replaced in the appropriate bag.  pre-cook a batch of meals.  Bulk buy household items on Amazon Prime.  Medications ordered in a double batch so only needs to be done every two months, then decanted into a smaller weekly bottle which sits in the same place on kitchen table so doses never get forgotten.  Calendar is split into four sections: one for daughters school and one for her therapies; the other two are for me, one work and one for personal. There’s a toothbrush for my daughter in each bathroom so we rarely forget.  Cleaning supplies are also kept in each bathroom.“=LJ M.

#5.  Make The Day Colorful

“Add color-coding to a wall calendar to help a child know their schedule and organize their day.”

“cool sneakers in cool designs”

“blues, greens, purples, browns and black are soothing and comforting.”