Partially blind and blind students show their acting talent

Blind students show their acting talent at the Artscape Drama Festival where the Bridgetown Theatre Company along with students from Athlone School of the Blind will perform their play “The Future Looks Bright”. The cast are 80% blind actors and 20% partially blind actors.

The play is about a talented young lady who is blind who has a desire to join a youth theatre group of sighted people. She is turned down as the sighted actors believe she will tarnish their image.

She instead challenges them – which proves to have positive and impact full consequences.

This production  is one of ten chosen from a list of 63 plays to take part in the Artscape Drama Festival finals.

Theo Davis who is creative director of the play says he was enthusiastic for audiences to watch the story live and experience the talent of the partially blind and blind actors.

“I’ve worked with these kids and they always speak about being marginalised because they’re blind and Joe they can’t get into mainstream because people always have a sympathetic way of looking at them, when all they want is to be accepted as normal actors”

Davids, a scriptwriter wanted to teach acceptance through this story and it was thanks to the inspiration of partially blind and blind children.

“Regardless of who you are, accept me for who I am”

“This story is about personal development for the kids, who face many social problems like poverty and acceptance – many of the kids with albinism fee people look at them and think they are a curse. The play has brought about a new confidence in them because when people applaud , they feel the admiration they deserve”

Director Kim Bowers assures audiences they will be wowed:

“Even the teachers said they’ve seen a new type of child in the classroom, because they believe something good can happen in their lives”

The play was full of song and skilled dance. These actors don’t let their disability stop them from being talented like any abled persons and shouldn’t be devalued by anyone.

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