People With Disabilities Are Happier Than Non-disabled People

People with disabilities are happier than non-disabled people. Let’s be honest, we have all heard non-disabled people say they would rather die than be disabled. So then why are people with disabilities happier than non-disabled people.

We pity people with disabilities, thinking they live a life full of pain and misery. Truth is, that surveys reveal people with disabilities are happier than non-disabled people. Perhaps it has to do with the act of constant gratitude and acceptance.

Believe it or not, a disability doesnt take away the quality of ones life. According to research, people with physical disabilities such as spinal cord injuries are not affected by their impairment.

Whether the spinal lesion is severe or minor, complete or incomplete – does not make a difference. Independence is possible even with an impairment.

For people born with an impairmnent, there really is nothing they can compare their present state. People with special needs do not think they are different. How could someone be unhappy with not having something they never had from the start.

For those who become disabled, there are stages of grief. There will be depression, but with the right support structure – there is a silver lining. Many of these people are driven to push past their limitations – just think of those amazing paralympics athletes.

If you dont believe this all to be true and you think that people with impairments are in denial about their “curse” – then you are narrow minded. Scientists have discovered hedonic adaptation – which point to the way trauma affects a human. Apparently, after the trauma struck people usually return to their original state in time. Just think about those people who achieve so much but yet they remain the same unhappy people they were before.

Adaptive solutions are doorways to open a new way of living with a disability. A person with limited mobility cannot walk but has wheels to move about. Accomodation is when someone learns to value other things such as a simple walk in the park or eating out with good company. Humans are adaptable and we evolve as the world changes.

Our human bodies are proof that the world is flawed – it is disabled. We know that disease, accidents and environmental issues cause most disabilities, it is not going away and it is the natural order of things. Life is never easy, with or without a disability. It is fear and ignorance that causes prejudice towards people with disabilities.